I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Infant Learning and Development Laboratory at the University of Chicago, where I work with Dr. Amanda Woodward. Here's my recent CV.


My research focuses on the development of moral inference (i.e., how individuals judge others’ moral character) and how moral inference influences emotions and behaviors in children. I use both behavioral and neuroimaging methods (especially EEG) to explore the above questions. I also work with Drs. Yanjie SuPaul L. HarrisKelsey Lucca, Hilal Sen, and Wanze Xie on different projects. To learn more about my work, see Research and Publications. Here's my recent talk about Manybabies 4 at the 2022 Big Team Science Conference. 


During my Ph.D. study, I really appreciate the help and mentoring from different mentors and senior students around the world. Their support and encouragement mean so much to me. Though I am still in the early stage of my academic career, I am committed to becoming a good mentor and am very willing to share my knowledge and experience with those who need them.